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The first ReSource composting toilet built in Puerto Morelos, Mexico in 1993. Made from local materials with local labor. ReSource composting toilet at Xcaret; Quintana Roo, Mexico.
Public facility at the Centro Ecologico Akumal in Akumal, Mexico. ReSource composting toilet at Honorato Huitzil's house in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.
Public bathroom in the Puerto Morelos town square. One of ReSource's first units, built in 1989, at a health clinic in Juigalpa, Nicaragua.

More pictures are coming! We're re-designing this page and will be adding many more pictures to help tell the RILES' sustainable sanitation story.

Mexico-homes Mexico-public facilties Mexico-UNICEF Nicaragua & China
Inside the first Nahi Xix Hotel Delfines on Holbox Island Participant in the ReSource-UNICEF project Barrio Madrid, Juigalpa
The bench in the first Nahi Xix A stool in the hotel on Holbox Island More participants Maintenance in Nicaragua
Tankah 1 Aktun Chen Caves Nahi Xix and house in the ReSource-UNICEF project Showing off a fertilized tree
Proud owner Building in Calakmul This latrine was replaced by a Nahi Xix composting toilet ReSource helpers
Huitzil's composting toilet Public facility at Yakul Rosa's RCT ReSource Composting Toilet in China
A RCT inside the house Aktun Chen Cave facility -side view Inside view of Rosa's
A closer view of the indoor toilet Yakul facility from the side Typical house 1
A stool made of stone Hotel Rey del Caribe in Cancun Typical house 2
A bench made of broken tile Sealand low-flush toilet Nahi Xix in construction
A small greywater system Health Center, Puerto Morelos, Mexico Mason working on school's RCT
Puerto Morelos greywater system Bench at the health center, Puerto Morelos, Mexico Mayan woman showing her new indoor toilet
Composting tank attached to house Botanical Garden, Puerto Morelos Installing a door
Tankah 2 Mosaic

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