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South Africa

ReSource is exploring potential projects in South Africa. We currently do not have an active project there.

In 1994 the African National Congress promised 1,000,000 new homes for South Africans. It has been a long and hard road to get there, in part because of the difficulties of building the infrastructure to support the new housing settlements. The obstacles come in many forms, including, the lack of water resources for sewerage, the lack of financial resources to build traditional water and sanitation infrastructures, and the organizational challenge of building a million homes for a new government attempting a complete shake-up of the policies and departments that preceded the ANC's tenure as the majority party in the government of National Unity.

Housing and tourism sites, like the National Parks, are two natural targets for the ReSource Composting Toilet and Greywater system. Building a solid foundation of local partners, educational programs, and economical and functional technologies will be our project priorities. Bringing jobs to low-income communities and economical sanitation infrastructure to new housing projects are our goals. One objective we are exploring is the application in South Africa of the social enterprise model, developed in Mexico by ReSource.

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